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Enhancing Manufacturing Prowess, Expanding New Overseas Markets | WEIMA Agricultural Machinery Shine

2023-10-20 702

Gathering Myriad Businesses, Reuniting at the Canton Fair.

On October 15th, the grand opening of the 134th China Import and Export Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Canton Fair") took place at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. On the first day alone, over 50,000 overseas buyers from 201 countries and regions attended, marking a new pinnacle in the scale of the exhibition.

The Canton Fair, hailed as the "Foremost Exhibition of China" and the "Barometer and Compass of China's Foreign Trade," has become the coveted "Golden Emblem" in the eyes of global buyers.

WEIMA Agricultural Machinery, as a leading enterprise in the hilly agricultural machinery industry, actively expands its international presence. Guided by innovation and technology, it not only delves deep into its traditional core business but also strategically positions itself in the new energy sector. In this edition of the Canton Fair, WEIMA showcases a range of new products under its brand, including new energy agricultural machinery, pastoral management machinery, generators, tracked rotary tillers, and power units. This emphasizes the robust brand influence and product value of WEIMA Agricultural Machinery.


A Wave of Upgrades Yields Success: "WEIMA Intelligent Manufacturing" Captures Buyer Attention.

New Energy Agricultural Machinery Series


At this Canton Fair, WEIMA's lithium-ion series of machinery products made a striking debut. Compared to traditional fuel-powered machinery, they are highly favored for their advantages in lightweight design, extended battery life, robust power, high reliability, and reduced customer operational costs.


Pastoral Management Machinery Series

Inverter generator/twin-cylinder diesel power

Outdoor Exhibition Area: Tracked Rotary Tillers

Catering to diverse cultivation environments in mountainous terrain, WEIMA presents a tailored operational solution. The newly developed WMG15 tracked rotary tiller, a product of WEIMA's independent research and development, stands out with its lightweight structure, demonstrating exceptional performance in marshy fields. It neither compacts dry land nor deepens the muddiness of waterlogged fields. Capable of tasks such as ridge tilling, trenching, soil cultivation, weeding, and spraying, this machine effortlessly handles transitions like crossing field ridges with just one operator. It meets the demands of various complex terrains, heralding a new era of seated cultivation in mountainous regions!

Diverse and Splendid Product Lineup

In this edition of the Canton Fair, both indoor and outdoor booths showcase 36 robust products, suitable for all stages of cultivation, management, and harvesting of crops in hilly and mountainous areas. Our offerings span micro-tillers, pastoral management machinery, harvesters, tracked rotary tillers, transport vehicles, branch and grass choppers, gasoline/diesel engines, gasoline/diesel generator sets, snow blowers, and water pumps. Independently innovated and researched, we present a multidimensional display of WEIMA's formidable R&D capabilities and a well-rounded product portfolio, drawing in numerous prospective buyers for further inquiries.

Dedication in Progress, Forging Ahead

In the future, WEIMA Agricultural Machinery will focus on "Intelligent Manufacturing," deeply engaging in the development of new energy agricultural machinery and the industrialization of intelligent agricultural equipment. We will deepen our presence in the international market, enhance our marketing network, and build a distinctive Chinese brand in autonomous agricultural machinery, stepping onto the global stage to contribute to global agricultural development.


We extend our gratitude for your presence, jointly witnessing this splendid moment! The Canton Fair has drawn to a close, and we invite you to reconvene in Guangzhou next year!