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WEIMA Honored with the Title of Excellent Private Enterprise in Chongqing Once Again.

2023-06-22 760

According to the "Notice on Carrying out the Selection and Commendation Activities for Excellent Private Entrepreneurs and Private Enterprises in Chongqing" (Yuren She [2023] No. 160), the Municipal Committee's United Front Work Department, Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce carried out the selection and recommendation of excellent private entrepreneurs and private enterprises in Chongqing. After a hierarchical recommendation and selection process, the list of commendation recipients is hereby publicized:

WEIMA Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is awarded the title of "Excellent Private Enterprise."

In recent years, WEIMA Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. has expanded its product range from deep tilling machinery to various agricultural machinery fields such as field management, harvesting, transportation, and irrigation.etc. The company is dedicated to creating a world-class brand in the agricultural machinery sector for mountainous and hilly areas.

WEIMA Agricultural Machinery focuses on technological research and development, catches up with the market demands, continuously optimizes human resources, improves management systems, enhances core competitiveness, maintains stable growth in business performance, and achieves sustainable development. WEIMA already possesses 132 core patented technologies, 11 national invention patents, and its products have obtained various international professional certifications such as EPA, CE, ROHS, etc. Weima products are exported overseas, which covers over 70 countries and regions globally.